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I have an exasperating problem with the best show of fuchsias I have had for some time.  They are in pots in the greenhouse along with toms and various cuttings. When the plants are dry, they show it by the leaves becoming wilted, easy solution, At the moment the plants are sufficiently damp, BUT the flowers are limp and the buds are bulbous, leaves are fresh.  Is  this due to lower temp or erratic watering?  There are no pests on the plants.  I would add that this has only occurred during the last month.


  • I would suggest that your fuchsias were too hot ! Next summer try putting them outside in a shady spot but keep a look out for pests. My fuchsias are peaking very late this year -due to weather of course-so will not be greenhoused just yet.No frosts in Devon yet.

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