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Moving a hob vine


Does anyone have experience in moving a hob vine.

We moved into our house last November. A vine climbing over an old shed was ignored all summer (in fact shrunk every time the other half was out with the strimmer).

However I had to go into the shed recently and discovered huge hop flowers hanging of the vine on the inside. Now the other half has taken note as he brews beer.

We need to move the vine as the old shed is due for demolition.

Any advice would be received with thanks.


  • figratfigrat Posts: 1,619
    Having just worked on a border that has a very vigorous golden hop, I can tell you that the roots are fibrous and long reaching, so I think that the chances of digging it up with the rootball intact are minimal. But I just googled 'propagating hops' and root cuttings seem to be the way to go.
  • Its actually a rhizome, so you should be able to dig it up without worrying too much about root loss if you do it after the top growth as fully died for the winter and u've chopped it off. Plant it nice and deep, the right way up, somewhere fairly sunny with good drainage. You also might want to give it some wires to twine around. Oh, and do all that before xmas to make sure it gets a period of cold - it needs that to flower well. I'm v envious - I'm starting from scratch this winter with new rhizomes of the ordinary hop, having only ever grown the golden ornamental one - but I've been researching, hence knowing what to tell you!

  • Thank you Auntie Betty very helpful.

    I noticed that the outside growth has taken a bashing whilst the inside growth has produced perfect blemish free flowers. So I am guessing that a sheltered spot is also a good idea. 

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