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Asparagus crowns

I'm going to put an asparagus bed in my veg patch next spring. Does anyone have any recommendations for varieties or suppliers? Am a bit flumoxed looking at them all. 


  • I bought mine from Pomona Fruits. I think the variety was Gynlim. They have taken 3 years to establish but doing ok now

  • Zoomer44Zoomer44 Posts: 3,212

    I've been checking this out with a view to having an aspargus bed on the allotment. .

    Can't recommend a particular variety but there's a special offer in GW subscribers mag, 5 crowns for 9.98 or 10 for £13.48, Pacific 2000. Seeds are alot cheaper and come either as male and female plants or F1 varieties which are all female. Growing from seeds means a further year to wait to pick a crop though.    


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