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Phalaenopsis orchid as house plants

Phalaenopsis orchids are great house plants if like all plants you have the right conditions.

I see many quotes like "Ideal house plant"  yes they are if the conditions are right and one of the most crucial factors is the minimum temperature. 

Orchids are an extremely diverse group of plants from cold to warm growing, for most they are grouped as follows

cool 10c min

Intermediate 13c min

warm 16c min

Phalaenopsis are warm growing orchids so unless your home is maintained to 16c minimum then it isn't ideal! They can withstand temperatures slightly lower than this and the temperature can be lowered for up to 3 weeks to attempt to induce a flower spike(maybe drop to intermediate level). But on the whole they are warm growers and constant cool temperatures will do harm, especially If coupled with a wet or damp potting mix and roots.

Most homes are heated now a days so I guess this is where the "Ideal House Plant" comes from, but again beware!

There really is an orchid to suit almost every location from being in the garden and yes getting frosts and frozen ground to true warm growers.

By doing a little research you open up a whole new world of growing orchids with every shape and colour imaginable.

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