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Talkback: How to repot a moth orchid

My moth orchid is making a new plant on one of the aerial roots. How and when do I pot this as a separate plant?


  • Phalaenopsis (moth orchid) do produce what is called keiki's(Hawian for baby) once these develop several good roots they can be gently twisted and pulled off the mother plant. Pot them up in a specialist orchid bark or mix for the very best results.

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  • Thank you for this valuable advice which was badly needed by me! I have been given several orchid plants including the one mentioned in your article, all of which have yards & yards of aerial roots! I am extremely grateful for your article/advice as I was completely lost as to what I should do re re-potting.

    Beryl F-G
  • Hi, I was also wondering if ,once repotted,the orchid should be left without being put into another ceramic pot- like the one it was in when I bought it. I have had my poor orchid sitting in a ceramic pot on a shelf for about 2 years!! No flowers seen again.

    Time to give it some TLC, by trimming and repotting it in new compost and feed.JA
  • is it possible to put a moth orchid overhanging a branch and surround it with spaghnum moss
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