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On this forum we have all heard tales of poor plants and bad service from some online plant nurseries, etc. today, I received some Echinaceas from crocus packed superbly, in full flower in a box some 4 feet high. Everything intact and they are now in the garden. I have a number of excellent plant suppliers now who are all adept at supplying plants in perfect condition. This in contrast to posts complaining about bad suppliers, e.g. Parkers


  • I've never had any trouble with plants from Parkers. Conversely, I had a broken peony and badly potted on gaura from Crocus, so I guess it's a bit of a lottery.

    I use small nurseries from eBay quite a lot, they are generally excellent. Of the more commercial ones I always use Viv Marsh for alstroemerias, Haylofts for penstemons and Wootens of Wenhaston for auriculas.

    I have used both Parkers and T and M for plug plants and they have been fine image

  • parkers plants have been very good this year.and so have T & M. and gardening direct. They have all got better packing this year.had good results. imageimageimageimage

  • I bought online for the first time this year from T & M and they were great. I bought 12 penstemons and ended up with over 20 once I had split them and planted them. Bonus plants yay. I didn't get extra's with the other plants but they are all doing fine.

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    As have had so many problems with Parkers over the years I would not ever use them again.  Maybe they have improved but .........  There are some very good plant supppliers on line, often a good way to access the expertise of specialists in e.g. hostas  and so on.  All good duppliers are insurance covered and are quite happy to replace anything that has gone wrong, I use van Meuwin and several others, Bloms for bulbs - there are good suppliers out there.

  • get my bulbs from spalding not had any bad ones at a good price.


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    No Verdun, you get Doughnuts image

    No-one knows if you've done your housework, but everyone knows if you've done your gardening !
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