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    Don't bother with chilli, pepper, onion, soap, chicken wire that allows a squirrel head to get through, feeders with slides that go over the seed feeder - they learn to hold those up, they can and will get into everything!!  Any hole a bird can get through, so can a squirrel. We moved here 18 years ago, since when I have been fighting the squirrels.  All my bulb pots are covered with holly, berberis, wire etc., they have still dug out some of the bulbs.  They get through up to a kilo of bird seed a day if I put it out - believe me, I've tried the lot.  I've had free gifts from the sellers of squirrel proof feeders when I've sent them pictures of the creatures inside their feeders, or happily eating from them.  At this point it is squirrels 1, me 0 - but I expect I shall go on fighting the good fight!  I love feeding the birds, but have as yet found no way to stop the squirrels.  There were 5 very fat ones on the grass the other day, I guess my bulbs that I hoped to naturalise won't stand a chance.  I do have two tulip boxes under wire and prickly plants that they've not opened yet, but it has not been that cold so I think they're not that hungry yet.

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    I totally sympathise Bookertoo, and you're right, they can squeeze through tiny gaps. For me it's starlings and the dreaded felines that I'm waging war on. Usually squirrels don't dig too deep so tulips and other bigger bulbs should be ok. In previous gardens I've used  fine plastic mesh (the kind for protecting fruit crops) on pots or areas where I have lots of crocus and they seem to be ok. The squirrels left those and looked for easier pickings. I've not fed peanuts here at all to try and lessen the attraction too.

    It's a place where beautiful isn't enough of a word....

    I live in west central Scotland - not where that photo is...
  • I don't have much of a squirrel problem where I live but my mother has always suffered from having her tulip bulbs dug up from her containers until last year. She bought a rigid black plastic mesh which you install with pegs just below the surface of the soil and it worked a treat.

  • I agree Madpenguin I bought a squirrel feeder and nailed it to a tree a good distance from my bird feeding area.  It does work if kept topped up and it's very amusing to watch the squirrels chasing each other around the garden as they await their turn!

  • I once put up what I thought was a squirrel proof feeder for the birds but one of them must have unscrewed the nut at the bottom.  All the seeds then fell out. 

  • BookertooBookertoo Posts: 1,306

    Feeding the squirrels is fine, till they empty their feeder, when they come back to the bird feeder and empty that as well!   If I let them, they could cost me a small fortune, but I will go on as I really want to feed the birds, especially in this colder weather. 

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