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Someone is stealing from our allotments and also damaing sheds etc, Is it possible to get a small camera that I can place in my shed and that will take pictures and save on to a memory stick etc so that I can view at home on my PC.


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    I'm sure it is. Maybe you could try a search on google, or a site like amazon.

  • you can get small cameras to fix to houses and they are very effective in clear images I don't know how it would work with a shed .


  • figratfigrat Posts: 1,619
    I guess power supply would be a consideration.
  • you could always look at some security fencing options although unsightly, or other theft deterrants that could make the intruders invasion unpleasant. Getting a small CCTV camera that you can view on your PC is possible, but it wouldnt stop the vandalism. 


  • This is not a solution to your problem. But you can buy small wildlife cameras which are battery operated, and are activated by the motion of animals, and record either still images or video onto a small memory card. In principle something like that might be useful. However, they are expensive, and the image quality is not that wonderful. Also they use an infra-red light to illuminate the subject, which is visible, so the thief would probably see the light and the camera - and pinch it.

    You can also buy battery operated buglar intruder detectors, for use in gardens, which will transmit a signal for up to 200 yards, to a receiver. The receiver can emit a warning signal, sound a klaxon, or even dial a phone number. So if the place to be protected was within range of some houses, and someone was able to provide a site for the receiver, then something like that might be feasible.

  • We have an alarm on our house that will ring up my and my husband's mobile phone, but this works from mains power (and needs a phone line to work).

    Is it not possible for you to borrow a dog (the bigger the better) and lie in wait for them?  My guess is that if they're not sure if the dog is there or not, they'll steer clear.

    There's nothing like the sight of a dog's tonsils, surrounded by sharp yellow teeth to get the little bu88ers running like Usain Bolt.

    You can get small cameras that are powered by batteries, but the pictures aren't that good, and my guess is that lighting would be an issue.  You could try just putting up the CCTV warning signs, and see if that has any effect.  A phone call to your local Crime Prevention Officer (yes, they do still have these in most forces) may help, they can provide suggestions and if all else fails can go into local schools to ask politely for the blighters to stop.  They can also advise on marking your property, in case it turns up on ebay or a local car boot sale, it will PROVE you still own the items (especially if you're reporting ALL thefts, not matter how small).

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    I seem t remember a recent feature -may have been on the news- that police are becoming more active in dealing with allotment thefts in conjunction with allotmenteers

    I would seek advice with the local crime prevention officer before buying any equipment-I am aware that they will erect cctv cameras in some instances or at least lend equipment.

    Talk to them first

  • Have had this problem on the allotment for a number of years. Police agreed we could put barbed wire on top or fence, they got round this by bringing wire cutters and cut a huge hole in the fence. Many people have had produce stolen, sheds trashed etc. One chap had every pane of glass in his greenhouse broken, without the glass in the greenhouse twisted into a messy heap. The latest bout i had my shed forced open and the lock trashed, luckily nothing of any value so they pulled everything off the shelves and dumped it in the floor. They are now stealing wheelbarrows to carry anything away. I reckon they would steal and camera they could find. Don t know what the answer can be to this one.

  • Thank you all, We are going to talk to the local police, and I have found security cameras, but as you say, they are not cheap.We will look at all the options.

  • What about trip wires connected to personal attack alarms which are discretely located in the undergrowth?  As the wire is tripped, then it sends out an ear piercing alarm, which they won't be able to muffle because they won't be able to see it.  They will scarper for fear of being discovered.  If you have a two or three and keep moving them around the site, then it only takes a few episodes of it going off and they'll think the whole allotment is wired.

    Suppose it depends on the effectiveness of neighbours to the allotment and if they would be happy to act as unpaid security every time something or somebody trips the alarms.


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