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tree stump

Does anybody have a tried and tested way of getting rid of a tree stump and its roots? In my new garden is a stump which has been cut at ground level and is shooting out again. It looks like an arbutus which is much too big for this garden. I also want to plant something else there.


  • Marigold, the answer is unless you have or can get hold of a stump grinder it will have to stay. The other way of digging it out would need a team of men and having had to pull them out with a bulldozer and a winch even the men would struggle so no easy way.
    I drilled into the stumps of two trees I cut down and filled them with a mixture of sump oil and acid then covered the stump with heavy plastic, one has rotted down after five years the other is beginning to crumble.
    A gardening company would get rid of it at some cost, as to planting where it had been it is best to let it rest with a good mulch on the scar for a year or more.


  • Whern we moved in there was an 18" wide pine stump which was 2' tall and we dug it out, just the two of us over a fortnight or so.

    Tools needed - axe, branch saw, assorted spades and trowels, sledge hammer, crowbar and lots and lots of swearing...

    I'd try one of those products that you drilll holes in the stump and pour it in to both kill and accelerate decay. Or move house!

  • We have a large holly that we cut down leaving the stump to do this year - us being, myself with my stupid back, my tiny 24yr old daughter and my growing nicely 15 yr old son - we have had lots of practice on smaller stumps in the garden and have now decided to dig down below soil level cut the holly off and treat it with a stump killer - to stop it keep putting out little holly's - and then cover it with soil making a sloping bed and grow a wildflower meadow over the top. You might call this giving in we call it sweeping it under the carpet. We also have a bay tree - or rather twenty bay trees - in another corner which having cut them down - all 30 feet of lovely straight trunks which are being turned into a large pergola - has to be dug out by hand. I am hopeful that my son grows into a whole rugby team by the winter.

  • Alan4711Alan4711 Posts: 1,657

    Hi marigold 2 before we moved to Wales we had to remove a 40 foot med size tree to help sell the house total cost to romove tree and stump  was £110 and took 2 men just over 2 hours, wood was offered as fuel or removed in the price, you may find the job not as expensive as you think and so muck easier depends how quick you needit done  Good luck Marigold2

  • Someone asked a similar question a few weeks back. What I did was to drill numerous deep holes in the trunk and apply creosote into the holes and sit back and be patient. I was informed that Roundup in the holes also has the same desired effect.

  • Eddie, that will kill the tree - eventually.  But they want to plant something else in the same spot so the stump will have to be removed - either by digging or grinding.  Might as well do that straight away as there's no point in waiting for something to die if you're going to remove it anyway.

    Gardening in Central Norfolk on improved gritty moraine over chalk ... free-draining.

  • Yes you are right, it was 12 months before it began to rot and I was able to remove the stump, but the method I used was successful and saved me a lot of hard work.

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    One of my favourite subjects. Just a shame they don't show you on Gardeners World these kind of everyday issues.

    Been working in a garden for the past couple of years on and off and am eventually removing about 30 no exaggeration Conifer trees some about 18" to up to 4 foot in diameter. Once you have chainsawed them to the ground you need to dig underneath and around them use strong loppers to chop of the roots as you go or what the call a Mattock which is a cross between a axe and a pick axe. Lots of swearing and good exercise. You will find that once you have chopped some roots you will be able to start moving it. That then means then you are on the home run and nearly pulled it out. Wish I could put a couple of pictures on here to show you.

    All the best of luck

  • I am getting on age wise. Have to take the easy option.A dose of creosote for the stump. then a cup of tea for meimage.

  • ziggyziggy Posts: 32
    Ha good one. I normally take a couple of hours hacking away at the tree stump then sit down and have a beer.

    Good satisfaction though when you finally achieve it. And lots more room to put more plants.
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