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    It has been said that I often talk a load of manure, but here goes anyway. Yesterday, between showers of rain, snow, hail and high cold wind, SWMBO and I went to a nearby stables and collected a couple of hundredweight of finest kind' manure. It was well rotted, light and friable, and smelled like HONEY it was so sweet ! And, it was still warm, with a nice population of worms in it. I piled into my new compost/manure heap and as soon as the arctic blasts subdue, shall go and get ANOTHER three cwt. of the nectar of the gods. I sometimes mix fresh stuff with garden clippings, grass cuttings and wood ash , leaves and wotnot. All grist to the Gods of the lotty. No rush to use it, I sometimes just go up to it and take a deep breath of pure country ! I feel like a KING of all I survey when I do this.

    Ahhhhhhhhh. such is the simple pleasure of being in the country, by this , I mean Alnwick.

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