Removing a concrete fence post set in concrete base

Did a search, so if this has been asked before apologies as I couldn't find it.

We have an end concrete post leaning over. It was 'fixed' before by a handyman, but after a couple of years was leaning again. I found out today why, it had a bramble growing up between the kick/gravel board and the post, forcing the post over.

I can't see of any way to get it vertical as it is, so it looks like getting the thing out, cleaning it up and resetting it is the only way forward. It is at the end of the garden on wet clay so it's been a b&&$$r of a job.

Have watched a few videos on youtube, none seem like particularly practical solutions  with the tight working space we have and on soft clay.

Any help on how tackle it would be appreciated.image



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    Ta RB, my lad had a day on it with bolster, sledge hammer and pick while I put in another row of hedging. I think we only managed at the end to remove a superficial layer of concrete where it had been 'repaired' in the past 'cos the post still wouldn't budge.image

    I will get up in the morning with the intention of severely losing my temper with it - but first I'll dig out around it all i can imageimage

  • If you are due frost tonight then soak the concrete with cold water.. First light tomorrow pour over boiling water. That should produce cracks that more easily split when hit with a hammer.

    Only other thing I can think of is to plum the post and then add postcrete to hold it in place? Might need a lot of it though!

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    Will give the hot water a try in the morning blairs as we have frost already tonight.

    I think I might have a go at blasting all the clay off around the concrete with a jet wash on 'pencil' jet in the morning too. So far it's been really difficult to even see what we are dealing with!

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    One of those jobs Edd that needs to get done ASAP, hedge is almost all in, when the last few plants go in, it's going to be be impossible to get at the post in future. Has turned out much more difficult than I imagined though, but then everything always seems to!

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    Morning all,

    It is POST DAY

    Will report back later image


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    Thanks for all the tips and help, it felt like we had a few extra hands this morning! image

    Started with the boiling water, dug more, squirted the concrete block with a jet wash so we could see it and to loosen up the soil around it. Then the rocking started, my lad got it moving nicely. When he needed a break, I got in the hedge and put all my not inconsiderable weight on it and...


     over it went image

    Saw the reason why it was learning so easily not just the bramble but a cracked post:


    Took a lot longer to break it up and get it cleared out than it did to topple it, but done in the end with sledge hammer and bolster - in reality the concrete blob at the bottom was much more huge than the pictures seem to make it look.


    Thought it the right time for a tactical retreat to make a roast chicken dinner for the workers image Will buy a new post in the morning.

    Thanks to all, this time yesterday it really did seem like an impossible task and I'm not one to give in easily! image



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