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Hi! Can anyone advise me as to how to stop these little charmers munching up my roses and veg, pleaseimage



  • no,I think there s no answer to that except something that eats grasshoppers.image

  • I believe starlings will eat grasshoppers. If you can attract them they might solve your problem. 

  • MandiMandi Posts: 10

    That was quick, thank you! I live in Portugal where the sun is hot, the hoppers hungry and my rose leaves look like jigsaw pieces! I haven't seen any starlings but will look harder. Tried to upload pics but have lost them,image

  • I'm not sure, but I think starlings only visit Portugal in the winter, but there will be other birds that eat them, as will toads, lizards, snakes etc. Here is a link you may find useful Good Luck

  • MandiMandi Posts: 10

    Hi VeronicaBee, back online. Thank you for this, very interesting, and great info on mealy bugs there. Will post how I get on.image

  • Zoomer44Zoomer44 Posts: 3,267

    Mandi, I can't answer your Q, but my brother gets lot's of lizards in his garden so  grasshoppers aren't a problem even when its unbelievably hot. His plants are fairly common though for South of France. ie- you see them in other people's gardens.

    I've found that you can vist a garden in France and hear grasshoppers before you enter the garden, then in the garden it's serenely quiet of them, only visited 2 though image so not experienced.

    Is it worth either visiting a local garden and asking for their advise or seeking their advise via e-mail... You've probably already tried this...

  • MandiMandi Posts: 10

    Hi Zoomer44, thanks for your reply! I have learned a lot already today. My visitors, large and grey, 3" plus long, and brilliant green about 1" long, are happily munching their way through my beans, roses, climbing plants - even my hibiscus bushes! I am seeking advice but I have to take great care because I have a European tree frog, also brilliant green, hiding in some bushes and I would hate to hurt him. I tried a spray made of soap and peppermint this afternoon and this seems to have chased the big one away, though I don't think he died....

  • Hi Mandi, Is it possible that froggy is attracted to your garden by those tasty grasshopper snacks? He may well be eating some of them....if you remove the grasshoppers, might you lose him?

  • MandiMandi Posts: 10

    Bom dia VeronicaBee. Good point...I haven't seen him since May, he goes off and does other things when it is so hot. He lives in the Bird of Paradise trees, whilst the munchers are in another part of the land, just with the veg and rose stuff. I had forgotten him until chatting here, so I will remember to mention him at the garden centre. Thank you!

  • MandiMandi Posts: 10

    Problem solved, though I am sorry to end this fun! Compo makes a product to spray where the grasshoppers and snails eat, which makes the plants unpalatable to my visitors. Thanks for all your help!

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