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Virburnum opulus

I have put in two virburnum opulus in my garden border two months ago . Both looked as though they had taken the last few weeks one has wilted . I have kept them well watered.The border is open to the elements, we sometimes have strong winds. ( North Yorkshire coast line) Should I cut it back Now ?


  • How big are the plants? Wind shouldn't cause wilting uless the plant is drying out. I would be reluctant to cut back now but rather leave it to spring. It's been very dry where I am so I would keep up with the watering and see if it recovers.

  • Thanks for the advice.How far back would you cut .It now stands approx three feet. Do I cut below a leaf? I'm completey new to gardening with plants. Having just moved into new house,I have been too adventurous digging up a very big border and starting with my own ideas.I was wanting the virburnum to act as a frame in the back of the border.Could you advise me on what would give the border some structure.I can send you a photo if this helps.

  • I wouldn't cut back as the plants are just getting established.

    When you say your border is big, how big - length/width approx. Is the border in sun/shade which way does it face N/S/E/W? (Sorry about all the questions image but you will get better advice the more detail you can provide) What's your soil like - lots of builders' mess if its a new build! - clay, sandy, stony? Are you coastal, up a mountain and exposed, sheltered and in the SW etc?

    Do you have a wooden/wire fence or hedge etc at the back of the border?

    What would you like your garden to be like? Any colour scheme in mind? any style - courtyard, cottage, wildlife, formal...

    Any plants you like and definitely want or plants you have seen locally that grow well and can't identify (post a photo and someone on here should be able to identify it for you)

    Lots to think about - don't be put off; look at lots of other gardens in the area and that should help you see what grows well in your area; it'll also help you see what you do and do not like...look forward to hearing your ideas image

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