I'm planning to plant some winter jasmine to climb on my trellis. I was thinking of planting the normal white jasmines together with the winter variety. Any thoughts?

Is there any other jasmine that will flower throughout the year. Any good variety I should look out for?


  • Winter jasmine will need tied in as it doesn't climb like summer flowering varieties. I have it and love it but it can become very bushy and needs cut back after it finishes flowering to keep it in shape and space.If you grow something else through it, you need to be aware that pruning lay well be difficult and you may prune the wrong bits!

    There is an evergreen variety - Trachyospermum jasminoides AGM-star jasmine. It flowers in the summer, climbs and retains its shiny leaves. It needs a sheltered, sunny spot.

  • Thanks Daintiness. That is some really helpful information. image

  • I have the white and the red but i have a wintering flowering yellow jasmine slightly different leaf but very imagecheerier in the depths of winter.

  • Just an update, I bought 4 winter jasmine plant which is yet to be planted. I have to fix the trellis first.


    Perhaps next spring, I will plant some Trachtyospermum on another wall. They smelt gorgeous in the garden centre.

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