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Talkback: Five steps to winter compost

How can I stop worms escaping from my enclosed compost bins at this time of year I am mixing it with greens and browns.

Peter Hewitt


  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 58,794

    When you say they're escaping, what are they doing/where are they going?  Are they gathering around the top?

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  • Alan4711Alan4711 LincolnshirePosts: 1,572

    Peter if they are collecteing at the top of the bin then this problem seems to occur as Edd says and also  if the bin is too wet ,dont put them back down untill you have added more dryer stuff, I added a good load of dry paper and stuff which did the job.Good luck.cold wet miserable so far erein Muns 

  • TootlesTootles Posts: 1,469

    Do worms disappear if compost is too cold? I dont seem to be able to warm mine up.

  • Fruit & veg peelings are a useful source of green material for the compost bin in winter, and composting them is environmentally friendly too :-)

    And is you half a long piece of bubble wrap leftover from insulating the greenhouse or (un)wrapping Christmas parcels, that makes perfectly good insulation round a plastic compost bin
  • I've had the same issue with daleks, Peter. I fixed it by

    1. adding a thin layer of high-energy food material - semolina, flour, whatever
    2. adding a thick layer of autumn leaves - fresh bedding, as Edd suggests
    3. leaving the lid off the bin - they don't like the light

    Now, when I scratch back the leaves, they're all in there getting jiggy with it.image

    And pooping everywhere!

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