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Talkback: An apple a day

I bought 3 apple trees two years ago to plant in my new allotment that i had earlier(3months) covered in horrid weedkiller(sodium chloride). the trees were nice and healthy when I planted them but after a week or so disaster struck, all leaves turned brown, fell off and then the branches started dying, I quickly lifted them into tubs, last year they still looked dead but this year they have flowered amazingly well.


  • Living in my flat now for just over 6 years and having my own garden is a blessing. I already have a pond and water feature and now had the idea of a small fruit tree. As the garden is small, a small tree is needed, but i would need a bit of advice on what to buy and what i need to feed it. There's nothing better than picking your fruit off a tree that you have grown in your own garden.
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