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clematus problem

I mentioned a while ago that my lovely clematis was dieing back from the bottom and asked for help ideas, as i, and everyone that answered my call, thought it was wilt.Although  i found no sign of dead stems infact they were green inside. this week we have a fresh flush of new leaves on all the stem that looked like it was dead, about 3 foot up the stems, so now we have seed heads at the top , coloured leaves from 3 foot to the top, and new green leaves at the base, don't you just love 2012 as a gardening year NOT..still i still have my loved clematis


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 30,021

    That's good news.   Gardeners have to be both patient and optimistic.

    Give it a good feed next spring and you should get a good show next summer.

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  • i hope so , will just hope 2013 is not going to be so testing.

    happy gardening obelixx

  • I have many clematis and each one gives me a problem but they are lovely be careful to not cut back to far until they are strong in growth.

  • I have a clematis that grows to about 5 feet every spring then dies back, the same plant grew about 20feet before I moved it out of its pot and into the garden border three years ago. Maybe I will put it back into a pot, gardening is so challenging, but very rewarding which is why we get captured by its spell.
  • so true, this morning i noticed the main shoots have gone to seed , but the "new " re  growth have lovely flowers on.

  • I have Bees Jubilee in a pot and it usually flowers really well. However, this year I had no flowers at all and then suddenly it produced two flowers a couple of days ago! I was so pleased that it's still ok. What a crazy year! I also have Miss Bateman in a pot and have had no flowers from that clematis which is usually lovely. Hope it's good next year.
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