Alternative to usual shed roof felting

Does anyone know of an alternative to the usual shed roof felting? We are ordering a new tongue and groove treated timber shed in Spring but we hate the felting that will come with it. It seems to me to be the weak area of the shed, becoming brittle and harbouring moss etc. Its also awful to work with. Wondered if there was an alternative material that we could put on?



  • GemmaJFGemmaJF Posts: 1,239

    Before roofing felt corrugated tin was very popular! 

    Probably not what you are thinking of, but along those lines there are various corrugated PVC roofing materials around these days, 'tiles on a sheet' on the page below looks interesting:


    There are also the bitumen sheets like coroline and onduline which now come in various colours. (they use to be just black)

    None might be to your taste, but I'm sure there will be other suggestions too image

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    I used Onduline on all my chicken sheds, very good, easy to cut and fit, make sure you buy the correct  nails for it.

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  • Use the felt to waterproof then clad with fencing (featherboards).

  • Replies to my thread started me looking around the internet and I have found these really nice looking lightweight tile strips:

    Onduvilla Tiles

    I fancy the green coloured tiles on what will be a green stained shed.

    They aren't particularly cheap but the look hard wearing and a lot nicer than the roof felt. They sell all accessories on the site including the correct nails and I've just noticed that they have 15% off until the end of January.

  • Both my sheds have roofs covered with clear corrugated plastic sheets. The back shed doesn't have any windows but is always light from the roof and the other has front windows and a lovely clear roof. Works really well for me. Just needs a basic wooden frame and they are screwed in.

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    It's certainly made me think of doing something similar on my shed roof. Thanks for all those links Gemma image

    I'll have a look at those tiles too LLass image

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    I like those Lancashire Lass image I think there are several similar on the market under different trade names but the Onduline brand tends to be a little more expensive but noticeably better quality than the competitors.

  • We have decided on the Onduvilla tile strips, many thanks for all the suggestions and for pointing me in the right direction. I think the tiles will outlive the shed! I'll be getting the nails from insulin as suggested by Lyn. I have emailed them today asking how many I'll need for a 8 x 6 shed so hopefully they'll get back or I'll have to get my calculator out.


  • If you're going to use felt, go for the best quality, not the cheap stuff that tears in the wind, leaks round the felt-nails and looks horrid. I've done a really nice job on a couple of roofs and it still looks as good as new. Good overlap, good edging timbers, plenty of nails, etc.

  • My new shed greenhouse is coming with cedar tiles on the roof (of the shed bit!), since I had already sold one organ to pay for it, in for a penny and all that.

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