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The tree peony will definitely be worth the wait! I moved into my current house here in Surrey last Autumn and directly by our front decking was a large shrub I'd not seen before, with a lovely red stems and big, bold, beautifully textured leaves - I had no idea what it was (being new to this gardening lark). This Spring of course, the magnificent yellow flowers sprang to life and I found out what the plant was - couldn't believe the stems would actually hold the flowers up they were so large!


  • Four years ago, I planted a foot high tree peony in my London clay soil, against a south facing wall; it flowered the following year. White double flowers with pink tinged petals so thickly bunched they required prising open for a peek inside. Each flower head was the size of a small cauliflower. In the past two years it has grown three buds but one of them was half eaten overnight by slugs, and this year the third bud looked promising but didn't manage to flower. I wonder if I should feed it; when and what with?
  • I too have harvested some of the wonderful seeds from my tree peony. What do I now do with them please HELP?
  • I had a tree peony in my garden but it got very big so i cut it down to half and took it to my allotment and planted it along the fence it is growing quite well and i hope it will flower again next spring.
  • Maggie, here's how I'm planning to sow the seed I've taken from my tree peony (the same seed that I've given to Kay and others in the GW office - nothing like a bit of competitive gardening!).

    Sow the seed now, individually into pots, using a soil-less seed compost (peat or peat substitute) mixed equally with coarse horticultural sand. Cover with coarse grit, and place outdoors. The cold weather will kickstart the process because this seed has a double dormancy - producing roots in its first year and top growth/leaves in the second. It needs two cold periods with warmth in between.
    So you definitely have to be patient! The first time I grew these I chucked out the pots after the first winter, not realising what a slow process it was.

  • I have just picked up some tree peony seeds from a local seed swop. Do you think it's worth sowing them now or should I wait till autumn?
  • Has anybody got a few red tree peony seeds please as I gave my only young plant to a friend by accident (thinking it was a yellow one) and feel I cant ask for it back !! You can have lots of seeds from yellow plants in return. Many thanks A.
  • I have peonies in my garden that are lovely each year but I planted a tree peony some years ago and it did nothing did not like the clay soil at all.
  • mate i planted seed today abd they sprouted stright away, i used magic beans too, itvwas great, thanks.
  • I sowed Paeonia seed under glass this time last year and they germinated in mid spring. I sowed maybe 50 in a seedtray and 6 came through. Obviously I'll have to wait awhile until they flower.
  • Lena6Lena6 Posts: 4

    I have just rediscovered in the back of a cupboard the tree peony seeds I put into a bag in damp perlite some several months ago based on Internet advice and have found that some are beginning to sprout! Very exciting but now unsure what to do next...Any advice?

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