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I have quite a problem with my neighbours bamboo which is quite a thug.  It is 9ft tall and becoming very rampant, sending thumb-sized spears through into my garden. They travel about 6 inches below the surface and have quite strong roots along their length; it's a hell of a job trying to stop them taking over that end of my garden.  I have tried digging them up but that's quite a task. I would be very grateful if anyone could offer some sort of solution to how I deal with this problem please.



  • I am afraid its a thug and will take alot to get rid of if at all.

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    I have heard of people sinking a barrier along their boundary beneath the bottom of their fence to stop bamboo from being able to come through. I can't say how well this works as I haven't had to do it myself.

    Have you explained to your neighbour how much of a problem it is?

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    I think I'd try digging a trench and lining it with Rootex barrier

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    No-one knows if you've done your housework, but everyone knows if you've done your gardening !
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    Gardenguy, if possible, I'd have a word with the neighbours about the problem. It's only going to get worse and there's nothing much you can do. As fast as you dig it out, more will follow. Barriers are of limited use. The runners grow underneath - and even around - most obstacles in their path. I write from bitter experience.

  • This seems to be a common problem. There are some other threads about this. For example:

    But the real problem is not the bamboo. It can't help doing what it was made for. The problem is the gardeners.

    It really isn't sensible to grow an invasive bamboo right next to someone else's garden. And it's even questionable whether it's sensible to grow such a plant at all.

    And another part of the problem is your relationship with your neighbour. You ought to have a chat with him, and discuss the problem together, and decide between yourselves what to do.

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    I foresee bamboo becoming the cupressus leylandii of the 21st century image

    No-one knows if you've done your housework, but everyone knows if you've done your gardening !
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    I foresee it becoming the Twitter of the 21st century - invasive, indestructible and insufferable.

  • We had this problem in our old house. We took to regularly cutting shoots off at ground level if they came up through the grass, and making a hole in the middle of where we'd cut and putting weedkiller in it. Worked to a certain extent, but it was a nightmare. We were too chicken to speak to our neighbour, but I would say that's your best bet. Must be affecting their garden as well I would have thought!

  • I planted a bamboo several years ago not realising it was invasive, it formed large clumps also spread by runners under the membrane and slate into the lawn. I killed the main clumps with weedkiller, several applications, which has been successful but some of the runners are still alive. I paint the leaves with glyphosate and am slowly winning. Hurrah.

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