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Clematis present

Peanuts3Peanuts3 Posts: 759

Hello folks, if has been ages since I've been on here.  My girls are both at school and I thought I'd have loads of time for my garden.  Instead I've taken on the PTA and my garden is taking second fiddle again. image 

I've just been given two clematis for my birthday.  One looks super healthy, the other's leaves are covered in black spots and not looking healthy at all.  

Could I ask your advice on what I need to do with them?  Is it too late to plant them now ?  What should I do about the poorly looking one.  Personally i wouldn't have bought it, but I'm thinking maybe I can cut it right back and and it will shoot up well next year ? If so when should I cut it back.  

Any advice gratefully received.  Hope everyone is well and getting into the festive spirit. x


  • Peanuts3Peanuts3 Posts: 759

    thanks Verdun, what a shame, its from my brother in law, not quite sure how I'd ask them.  For my 40th and they drove up an hour to deliver it as a surprise.  the garden centre that sold it to them must have been laughing their head off that they managed to sell that.  all a bit awkward.  its just so obviously it is infected with something.  

    hmm. maybe I'll just have to replace it and not tell them.  They'll think i have magic healing powers with plants.  I know they are clueless when it comes to plants but...

  • LoxleyLoxley Posts: 5,686
    Tell them the truth, but stressing that you are grateful for the thought nonetheless! Then they'll learn something about plants. Or at least that you can't be fobbed off with sick looking specimens from the 'reduced' section!
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  • If you don't want to ask them to change it, then I think I'd pot it on; plant it into a larger pot into some good compost and put it in a sheltered place for the winter.  The leaves may have picked up some bacterial lurgy this autumn (there's been a lot of 'em about) so when the leaves fall gather them up and burn them.  With some tlc it may well make a good recovery - if the new growth in the spring looks healthy then you can plant it out. image

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  • Plant them both, they will be OK, it is just natural dieback of the foliage. Do you know which varieties they are ?

  • Oops, sorry !!

    What would I know about clematis ?

  • The important factor when purchasing a clematis is to look at the root system, the foliage, flowers, fancy labels are not really an issue. Most clematiis are deciduous ( unless you purchase 1 of the so-called evergreen varieties, many of which look foul in our Summer months ).

    The majority of clematis have thick brownish, bootlace, type roots with white growing tips.


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