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New plot

Just got an allotment off the council after 6 and  half years of waiting but was talking to other allotment holders they only wait a couple of years what a con but thats another matter.

The grass is about 4 foot high so i have streamed it just wondering how other people got rid of the grass did you dig it over or use rotavotor ant advice please many thanks


  • If its grass, I sprayed mine, then roughly dug it over to get rid of the couch grass etc, then rotivated it. Then on half dug in loads of manure and compost (The pumkins are very happy so far). On the other half I just piled the compost and manure on it and have had it covered with a tarpulin and left it as life has been very very busy this year and i am hoping the the worms will of done a good job. Shall stick more manure on it soon and leave over winter.


    Happy digging image


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