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Washing fleece



  • See message from Outdoor Girl at 17.04.....

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    Stick it in a laundry bag for delicate jumpers and so on. That way, even if it does come apart, it will all be contained. I think it'll wash very well in the machine and if you give it a bit of a spin, it'll be virtually dry when it comes out!

  • Mel MMel M Posts: 347

    You can buy 30gm garden fleece which is advertised as machine washable on a wool cycle. 17gm garden fleece is rather delicate (useless) so hand washing should be used. I used 30gm fleece this year and can confirm that it is much, much stronger. I recon it has several more years use left in it. OK, it is twice the price (still quite cheap) but well worth it.

  • Do not bother to wash it. Shake off mud. I have left out thick garden fleece and the wet and sunlight degenerates it. Some mud is not going to stop it working.

  • I wash my fleece in the machine on cool gentle cycle, and have no problems. Chewed old bits are best thrown away.



  • Hand wash in a bucket of warm water and hang out to dry, then cut off raggedy bits before storing. If past its best, garden fleece makes a great cat bed!

    If you have some fleece which has developed holes, cut into smaller squares and tie over pots of early carrots or other seed which needs a bit of protection.
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    Last post I'll make on the subject. My friend repaired washing machines and the biggest earner for the company was people getting things stuck in their pumps.

    Laundry bags aren't great!  Wish he had a quid for each bra wire that escaped the bra and the laundry bag and blocked the pump. image So bits of fleece reduced to pulp won't do the washer any good, think what happens when you leave a tissue in a pocket.  

    Hand wash or chuck them away image


  • I washed the lot by hand. It was quick and very effective. Now its drying on the a sheet of ice because I forgot to bring it in last night. Oh well. Thank you for all your advice and KEF, I will have more respect for my washing machine now!

  • Lupin 1Lupin 1 Posts: 8,916


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