rat in compost heap

I have signs of a large furry inrtuder in my compost heap. image As they carry nasty diseases ,can anyone tell me if it is safe to use the compost after i have got rid of it . Also any advice on how to get rid of Mr Ratty.



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    Should be OK to use compost, ratty eviction is possible, please give details of compost bins ( plastic daleks, open heap etc)
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    its a black dalek type .


  • yes as long as poison you used is not left.we had a bad time with rats and we had to get the council in to help get rid of some of them.you will always have mice and rats around but you have to try not to put scraps of food in the compost even fruit.They also find compost heaps good for breeding.Do not leave bird food available loose.We have a neighbours cat who keeps the rats and mice under control (catches a lot).you will never get rid of them.

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    Yup agree with above. The first time I got the council round he said 'if you feed birds you feed rats' I ignored his advice. The second time he came I had to admit he was right. So I stopped feeding the birds (but haven't noticed a decline.) Rats like stability, so if you turn the heap regularly, and don't put tempting bits in the bin, they'll move on. I have dalek bins and always kick them as I go by ( also encourage visitors to do same). If you contact your council, they should be able to advise on, or organise FOC eradication. Creepy, but it can be dealt with.
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    my cat is a good mouser and often brings me a present. She has not as yet deposited a rat in the front room.  She managed to force a pigion through the cat flap. I am hoping the rat has got the smell of the cat and scarpered.I have stopped feeding the birds some time ago for just that reason of encouraging rats but still I have one or probably a Mrs as well

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     i shall give the dalek a good kick but shall be ready to run in the opposite direction,. Best send hubby out there!


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    Good plan!
  • Same problem, I have a allotment my compost is in open frames and is ready for youse . But a colony rats has camped in it , Is It safe to youse ?

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    Safe to use, After all rats wander all over your allotment soil when you are not there,so what is the difference between that and your compost?

  • Point taken , but still wish to be safe. Female  rats carry disease in there urine better safe than sorry ?

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    Well, T Bird if there was any problem then me and 'her indoors' would be dead a long time ago. We have had rats nesting in the compost heap every year for the last 20 years or so (country living). Now admittedly our rats are field rats rather than sewer rats (no sewers here) so less likely to be extremely diseased, but even so.

    And the animal manure which farmers spread on their fields is just as likely to be contaminated with rat urine, or in the case of the chicken manure which is spread on the land round here, every bacterium you can imagine, you could get totally paranoid about it.

    Soil bacteria are excellent at sterilising compost.

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    Soil bacteria are excellent at lots of things!  Greatly under-appreciated.

  • Thank you Berghill, jo47 & Steve Bacteria sounds good to me, I will be spreading  the joy , Sorry Compost in the morning . Thank you all again  T

  • Hi been listening to Gardeners Question time podcasts for a change, one tip they mentioned was to keep heap wetter - so tip dregs of tea, water it with can etc if its wet the rats won't want to breed or stay long there so may pass through. I'm also a countryside gardener not sure they have cleaner paws but hope so as one of my young cats deposited one on my kitchen floor, bit of a surprise first thing in the morning. Cat flap now kept shut all the time in case they are tempted. On plus side I've had issues with rats previously as kept chickens for abit, was less bothered once I gave them up, though still had ones nesting in compost bin but since I've had my two young cats now only 18 mths no sign of live ones or droppings in the bin- I'm not counting the dead one lol. Don't know if having dogs helps too but may do? - you can always borrow a neighbours if you don't want your own pets.

  • give the compost bin a really good soak, ratties don't like dampness then in a weeks time turn the bin, they don't like disturbance either

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    And give the bin a sharp rap with a stout stick every time you go past - they really don't like that image

    A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in - Greek proverb 
  • They don't like my air rifle very much , nor my little terrier . But they still don't seem to want to leave ?

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    If wetness drives them away why not give the compost a good soaking of urine? Will also help your compost rot down quicker as well as driving the rat out.

  •  I could triy it ,But would need a few pints first ?

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