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Bubblewrapping the greenhouse


I have just purchased 2 tubular heaters, a thermostat and some bubblewrap.

When putting the bubblewrap up, do the bubbles face into the greenhouse or face the glass.


Thanks for any help


  • ObelixxObelixx Vendée, Western FrancePosts: 27,776

    I put them facing the glas as this gives extar pockets of insulating air and an easier surface for the plastic clips to go through and fewer holes plants side for creepy crawlies to lurk and hide and breed.

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  • Having once heated the greenhouse and used bubble wrap I found it far less expensive to put the heat at the closed end and make a bubble wrap tent and a curtain across. With some temporary shelving your plants are safe at half the cost.
    Now I use a cable heated sand box with a thermostat and just cover that to the roof with bubble wrap, heat rises so I have some shelving above for plants needing less heat.
    Obelixx is right bubbles to the glass.


  • figratfigrat Posts: 1,619
    After not bothering to bubble wrap my greenhouses for the last few years, because of the ensuing condensation, I'm thinking about sectioning off an area as Palaisglide suggests. I read somewhere that covering vulnerable stuff with fleece when low temperatures are forecast is as effective, and avoids the condensation problem, and it's worked for me in preventing losses. But after such a grim year in the garden, I'm thinking that having a warm zone might get early sown veg etc off to a better start.
  • i also put them facing the glas as obelixx dtates.. it also allows condensation to run away away from plants.. but i only do half my greenhouse.. to save on buble wrap and easier to heat.image

  • Bubble, bubble

    Read the article about installing bubble wrap in a greenhouse a week after I had moved the tender garden plants – banana, lemon tree etc-into my 6ft aluminium greenhouse.  Great timing!  Hard to install the bubble wrap with the plants all in situ, so out they all go. Phew!  Now to put the bubble wrap in place.

    Lagging an aluminium greenhouse is completely different from lagging a wooden one.  Nothing can be pinned into the structure.  All you can do is secure the wrap with plastic clips which fit into the grooves in those sections which are grooved.  No grooves in the front and back walls, so the plastic clips can’t be used there.  You have to use adhesive tape.

    I decided to follow Adam’s advice and hang the wrap from the ridge.  I could not pin it but I could hang the wrap from wire strands running from front to back internally, one at ridge level and one each at the level of the two eaves.  (There are gaps in the structure through which wire can be inserted).  I then fed two 15’ lengths of wrap over the wire at ridge level and then over the wires at eaves level. The wrap was attached to the side walls using the plastic clips and the wires were tightened  from outside.

    The rear and front sections (including the door) were wrapped using bubble wrap secured by all-weather tape.

    The total cost of 15 m  bubble wrap, all weather tape and plastic clips was £27.00.

    Quite an enjoyable job apart from the chore of clearing the greenhouse. 

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