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  • Have you tried SLUG GONE. Safe for Environment, safe for Wildlife/Birds(Hedgehogs). A must to try.
  • An old gardener advised me to drink the beer before deploying it in the traps. It works too!
  • I've used the nematode control (nemslug etc available from many websites) for several years. It is never 100% effective but I've trialled it over the years by not applying on some parts of the garden, delaying, diluting the applications etc. and now I won't use anything else and in general don't find I need to!

    Downsides are:- a) the cost b) remembering to do the reapplication c) it appears less effective against snails, but in my case these are a lesser problem.

  • I put my slugs and snails in water and jeys fluid, works a treat.
  • Thinking about sprinkling salt on veggie patch. Has anyone tried this? if so, did the plants suffer?
  • I understand that snails get an electric shock off copper and copper bands can be bought, at a price, to go round pots etc. The cost of running these bands round my raised beds would be prohibitive but I wondered whether copper wire might work. Has anyone tried this?
  • last year was a very bad for slugs and snails but much later than this,I AM SORRY TO SAY I was out last night pulling them off my lupins (which by the way had organic wild life friendly on the box does this include slugs and snails ?) around them anyway I can't kill them so into the green bin they went. Last year I tried slug traps but all I got in them was garden friendlies so bin it will be this year,can't wait for tadpoles I'll have no plants left.
  • How can you tell if a hedgehog has eaten a snail? Does it eat the shell aswell? Does it break the shell first or does it leave an intact empty shell? I have a hedgehog house in the garden and have found a few intact empty snail shells close by, have the snails been predated or have they just died?
  • Garlic wash has not worked for me.
    Tried it full strength and watered down and even tried it on the snails that were resting or traversing over the copper tape!!
    Please, there not a scientist or a magician that can rid us of these greedy pests.?
  • We have frogs and hedgehogs but still my plants are being decimated by slugs and snails. Beer doesn't seem to be working well this year, must try guinness. Have tried coffee grinds with only limited success and have resorted to circling plants with salt/sand they use to melt ice, will report later if it works or if it kills plants.
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