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Changing hydrangea????

I'm wondering if anyone has encountered a similar mystery??

I have lived in my current house for just over a year. I have a large hydrangea in my front garden that has flowered this year as a lace cap. Last year however (and i believe previous years as its my aunties house) its has been a mop head! Can this happen? I've been googling around and I can't find anything on this. Can anyone help with my mystery??

Thanks x


  • I have a mystery with a hydrangea too!  I believe the acidity of the soil alters the colour of the flowers, however, the blue hydrangea in my garden that has been here for the last 10 years has pink flowers and blue on the same plant! This has happened for the last 2 years, any ideas anyone?


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  • Hydrangea colour changes with the acidity of the soil. I've even seen a large example which was half blue and half pink. I think this was due to the neighbours dumping loads of fresh (differing acidity) topsoil right upto the fence, whereas the existing garden-side roots were in a diifferent environment!

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    @ Bikerbabe - if your hydrangea has been used to mainly rainwater in the past, but has been watered more recently with tap water, and if you have 'hard' water in your taps, that will have turned your blue hydrangea pinkish.  

    Sometimes all the flowers change colour, sometimes just some of them, and sometimes the individual sprays carry both colours.

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  • We have a clay soil with natural springs running through the garden, one of these springs runs past the Hydrangea! This could have altered the acidity! Thanks for the photos they have helped, they do look similar to the one in my garden.

    Unfortunately, I cant help Shoots44 with the lace cap and mop head problem.image

  • Hey guys. It's a shame no one has heard about my mystery before. There's lots on the web about them changing colour with acidity but nothing about changing variation!! Maybe it's a first!!?!
  • Perhaps this is the next stage in their evolutionary progress! They have mastered the art of changing colour, now its changing form! image


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