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Talkback: Passion for potatoes



  • growing potatoes in sacks they have come on really well but now shaws are turning yellow but they havent flowered
    yet is it okay to use them
  • I would also like to know if I can grow sweet potatoes in a potato sack and if not can I train them like a climber to save space?
  • i have just lifted my first early potatoes called[foremost]and am very pleased.i planted them on the 10th april in a potato sack and have a wonderfull crop of small to med sized these are the fist i have ever grown it is an extra special time for me.perfect papery skins and lovely now waiting for second earlys.
  • Can anyone tell me when to plant Jersey Royal potatoes. I have just bought some from my local garden centre & they have Jersey Royals written on label.
  • is it too late to put potatoes in for xmas.
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