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New Year gardening resolutions



  • PalaisglidePalaisglide Posts: 3,414

    Fairygirl Daughter, I have told you language!!!! "We are somewhat reduced in energy with over exertion" is much better than "bonus knockered" that is Spanish for what you said. You are correct the 31st of December for resolutions not the 1st.


  • Steve 309Steve 309 Posts: 2,753

    The only New Year resolution I've ever kept is to stop making New Year resulutions....

  • PalaisglidePalaisglide Posts: 3,414

    After much thought, consulting the Oracle and looking into Chrystal balls a resolution has been made.

    Concrete it all over paint it green and erect tall fences with beautifully hand painted back drops of colourful country and woodland scenes. Fill the borders with every kind of plastic flower and plant I can find a glass pond with plastic ducks and a silver foil fountain. An old searchlight on the garage roof, problem there the garage is to the North of the garden so my sunrise and sunset will be a### about face. A raised glass roof with a rotary lamp casting shadows of fluffy white clouds drifting over me as I sit with a fan heater behind my chair blowing warm air around my derriere and a glass of something warming in my hand, listening to songs of my youth and memories of dancing the night away. Well we can all dream can we not?


  • happymarionhappymarion Posts: 4,591

    MIne is a big one.  Bristol is the European Green capital for 2015 so I will not do anything in my garden to threaten the environment.  Luckily I do not use any kind of power tool as I  have no grass and all my hedges and pruning can be done with hand tools but this means no buying plants from heated glasshouses or that need to come via carrier , no visits to gardens or garden centres that I cannot walk to or go in a bus that would be running anyway.  There will be lots of sowing of old seeds and taking cuttings to swap with friends next year!!!

  • M0leM0le Posts: 2

    I set a new years resolution a few years ago to turn my garden more  self sufficient, gives you a real sense of pride eating your own produce, and saves you money would recommend it to anyone.

    Must confess do have some parts of the garden that are not wholly functional, but am a sucker for an attractive water featureimage 

  • at the start of this year, I'd not even thought about allotmenting and was growing what I could in my garden. Since then, I've gained two allotments so my rezzie is simple- use them both as much to my advantage as I possibly can- grow as much as I can, make as much as I can and (maybe!) sell as much as I can image

  • Tray14Tray14 Posts: 210

    Live life and enjoy my garden image

  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 33,768

    work less and garden more.

  • I'm going to treat myself better, finish my film, and really start a lovely garden!

  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 21,053

    I always mean to hoe the weeds in the veggie garden before they get big, never happens!

    Dordogne and Norfolk. Clay in Dordogne, sandy in Norfolk.
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