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dog resistant climber??

Is there such a thing as a climber that is tolerant of dog wee? I have a lovely arch I was growing a passionflower across but run off from the area of the patio that my dog insists on weeing on has caused it to wither and die. I am assuming this is the problem although I wash away the wee with water the second it is deposited.  I am very limited with my space so training the dog to go elsewhere is not an option (she's already been banished to this small area). Would be very grateful for any ideas? (Getting rid of the dog is not an option either...) Thanks.


  • LeggiLeggi Posts: 489

    I'm not sure about dog resistant climbers, but you could put a pot or container at the bottom of the arch and then grow whatever you like to climb over it, even a new passionflower. image

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