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Passion Flower

Hi everyone.  I have a very rampant passion flower which is lovely and had loads of flowers on it this year but they all opened one at a time.  Is this normal?  Is there anyway to encourage the flowers to open together otherwise it just looks like a rampaging weed as the flowers are hidden if they only open up one at a time.


  • LeggiLeggi Posts: 489

    If they all opened at the same time the flowering season would be very short, I think I read somewhere that each flower lasts a day or so, so they prolong flowering by opening up one at a time over a longer period.

    There probably is a way of increasing flowering though but it's interesting to note that a stressed plant will produce more flowers than one in particularly fertile soil. If you are feeding it, make sure it is a Potassium based feed, a feed with too much Nitrogen will produce lots of leaves but will not encourage flowering.

    Hope this helps, the flowers are so beautiful.

  • MelenMelen Posts: 19

    I have three sperate small plants, 2 blue and one purple, planted in the same tub. This means I usually have a couple of flowers open at one time.

  • They open one at a time and not as burst of imagecolour .

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