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Talkback: Crazy about colchicums

I have had serious problems with pigeons on brassicas this year but not any on my colchicums, perhaps because they are on such a steep slope!! Just been out to check the current flowers and all OK! Yes netting should do the trick, but hopefully it will not need to be a permanent feature, interesting to hear if others have had this problem....I only get serious bulb problems with sparrows on yellow or orange spring crocus!!


  • I planted some colchicums in my garden last month and couldn't understand why they weren't coming up until this weekend, when I discovered that they are in fact coming up but the birds(I assume pigeons) are pulling the petals off as they emerge from the ground and scattering them round the garden. I have put a wire cage over the one that is currently visible and will have to keep a daily vigil for any others that emerge.
    Have you experienced this problems and do you have any tips to prevent it?
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