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Christmas lights in the garden



  • GWRSGWRS Posts: 8,158

    Dovefromabove , go for it 

    You will find it useful for all sorts of things , we had a little party in the Garden and put up lights , have a double socket fitted 

    We use to have a George Foreman grill , electric and I would use that instead of a barbecue , a lot less fuss and cleanerimage

  • Beaus MumBeaus Mum Posts: 3,546

    Lovely trees Jack, look really pretty image

    I too Dove would def ask about the outside socket, will be great for all sorts all year round image

  • Lovely trees Jack. Hope my little rooted tree I bought this year grows ok once planted out after xmas.

    Go for it Dove, I've wanted a socket in the garden for a while, want a water feature as well as lights. Have solar lights at the mo. 

  • Jack 3Jack 3 Posts: 360

    We haven't got an outside socket and wanted a quick fix as solar lights don't do much at this time of year.

    Those lights in my outside tree are outdoor, battery timer ones, about six quid from wilkos. You put three AA batteries in and switch them on, they stay on for six hours then go out until the same time the next day.

    So I put them on at four and they go out at ten and come back on at four every day. I thought they wouldn't last long but so far they haven't got any dimmer and they've been up for two weeks. Once they get dim or go out I'll just charge up the AA's and put them back in.

    So they are not bad for a quick fix if you want nice lights for Christmas.

    Star gazer lily, we got that one in a pot from the garden centre last year, I put it in the ground a few days after new years and it has done well, it has had new growth on it.

  • Will have a look in Wilkos when I pop to town on Friday. Those lights sound great Jack. Hope my trees grows as well as yours Jack image

  • TootlesTootles Posts: 1,469

    Wilko's and John Lewis .... Got to be the best retailers about.

  • GWRSGWRS Posts: 8,158

    Runnybreak 1 , nice picture , is that a real fire , just being nosey as I have lit ours and can't beat seeing those flames dancing image while reading G/W furom image

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everybody image

  • Runnybeak, what a lovely tree, very pretty. Love your fire place too image

    oooh RB thats almost a selfie image

  • Beaus MumBeaus Mum Posts: 3,546

    RB beautiful tree, beautiful fire place and like star gaze says almost a beautiful selfie! you look just like I imagined image image

  • Toffee tree Susan imageimage 

    Very pretty image

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