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HELP - Moving / transplanting MULBERRY tree ??

I need to move a 8-10ft mulberry tree from one garden to Richmond, Surrey. It was given as memorial gift, therefore I cannot afford to lose it. HOW and WHEN is best ? We have tried digging around a rootball, but sandy soil is falling away. I have read I should move it 'bare root', mid winter, when the plant is dormant, but hoping for clarification or any other tips.


  • pansyfacepansyface PEAK DISTRICT DerbyshirePosts: 20,967

    It isn't very old at all, by the sound of it, and if it was planted relatively recently then the roots won't have had time to wander very far. although I have a mulberry, I have never dug it up so I don't know what type of roots or root system they have. Even assuming that the roots are brittle and extensive it should be OK to move it providing that:

    the roots don't dry out before it is replanted. Wet sacking tied very loosely round the root ball helps a lot.

    the plant doesn't stay out of the ground for more than a few days.

    the soil is not frozen either when you dig it up or replant it.

    you monitor the tree for water for a good few months after planting

    you give the tree a strong stake, loosely but firmly attached to it, to prevent wind rock.

    you apologise to it every time you go pastimage

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