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grape for a polytunnel

i'm thinking of growing a grape in my large polytunnel (15 foot by 30 foot), I've grown grapes in the past in green house, but that was insulated during winter, the polytunnel wont be.

I was thinking an outdoor variety? can anyone recommend a red/black grape for a polytunnel (will have to be a dessert grape, i'm not making red wine!)


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 16,538

    A grape copes very well with freezing in the winter. Only trouble with a polytunnel, is when the grapes are ripening, it may be too humid, and it increases the chances of botrytis rot. If you can give it enough ventilation, it will be ok.

  • I have double doors at both ends of the polytunnel, so ventilation shouldn't be a problem Muscat Hamburg sounds good, i'll have to google it  image

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