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First of all, I want to say thanks for the great blog posts and good luck to Pippa. Secondly, this one is really important topic, since I know lots of gardeners who simply think that they can neglect the winter preparations. Well, this is an important task for the whole garden in general. In addition to these tips I want to add a material from my personal collection. Hope you like it.

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    ..regarding autumn colour... always an alternative view available... perhaps it depends where you live...?



  • A couple of years ago I lost some pot plants that I'd had for at least 15 years, even though I covered them well the coldest still got to them and I lost them all, just because I didn't cover them better.
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    Winters here usually have a few weeks of -15C and can get as cold as -32C in a bad year so I prefer tor try and grow hardy plants that don't need extra coddling.   I put pots of hosta and lilies in a shed and pots of bulbs and evergreen agapanthus in the greenhouse.  I put a windbreak mesh on the back fence and another round the two blueberry bushes and then it's fingers crossed.

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  • What a great post! Thank you for sharing
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