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green pond

i have just taken ownership of my first pond i asked advice and have followed it which was to make sure the uv filter bulbs were working which they weren't so have replacced with new i though it would only take a few days to clear but it hasn't there are koi carp in the pond but i am told they don't mind murky water it would just be nice to be able to see them..........what else can i do?


  • Have you tried some algae eating fish?

  • I have a large Koi pond that I battle to keep clear.  I have been told it is partly caused by having too many fish.  I have a large specialist swimming pool filter, have tried barley straw, chemicals and UV lights and nothing works.  The plus factor of green water is that the herons can't see the fish so don't try fishing them out. 

  • thank you freshair and Muddy what type of fish eat algae ,i don't want to overcrowd the pond.I wongered about barley straw is it worth a go like you say though the herons are not so likely to steal ! i'd just like to see them myself image

  • MuddyFork, the barley straw is a good idea! It's quite slow to work though so you won't see results fast sadly.

    If you pack the barley straw into an old pair of tights (we usually fill up a whole pair of tights - two leg's worth) - then put some heavy stones in there too, then it doesn't float at the top of the pond. image

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