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Talkback: The flies have it

Reply to LouLou: Without seeing the flies I can only guess, but they sound as though they may be cluster flies, Pollenia species. These mottled grey/brown flies are larger than houseflies, but smaller than blowflies. They get their name from the fact that they cluster together to overwinter, usually in lofts or attic rooms. They are known to cluster on the leeward side of houses, gusted over the roof by the wind, then dropping down and flying back into the shelter. Thousands of them can gather together. You're doing all the right things to get rid of them. You have to stop them coming in, and this may be via the loft then down through the light fitting. Although they may annoy you, don't worry, they do not spread disease.


  • Thanks Richard, at least I know what name to suffix to the expletives now! I thought they were just houseflies but I'm sure you are right, that bathroom is exactly at the leeward corner of the house, away from the prevailing south westerlies. As it's the guest bathroom, I think I'll print off your explanation and hang it up in there - along with the dust-buster vac!
  • I'm experencing this pesty fly as I type. I have plug any little hole I can find. My kitchen sits above the basement which is all dirt. The weather is very warm and I hope no wild critter died under there. There is no smell and this is a little freaky.
  • Why do thousands of flies invade my bathroom every Autumn and then proceed to die? I can understand they may be looking for somewhere to spend the winter but why do they die when they get in and if they are going to die why can't they do it outside or at least in the loft! I can't find the point of entry, though I have patiently stood sentry duty to try and find out - they just seem to materialise out of thin air. It is north facing. I've tried fly killer around the windows, blocking the air vents and hanging up bunches of lavender but still the window sills are covered in dead and dying flies. Help!
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