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Spraying my cherry tree

Hello everyone,

I have an enormous cherry tree that produces lots of lovely fruit but a lot of the fruit includes a little white worm that I assume has been laid by a particular fly/insect that I need to get rid of. So, can someone give me the rundown of what I need to do and when?




  • I'll look at both options. Natural is preferable but I have to be realistic. The tree is approx 7-8m high so it's a huge job and I want the most effective results.

  • Thanks Edd. I'll check out where I can get the castings from.

  • That's great Edd. I'm a bit of a composting fiend myself but wasn't aware I can create so many castings. I'll check it out.

  • Nice one Edd.

  • Is there anybody else out there who maybe has used a chemical spray? I'd like to look at both options.

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