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I think i may have made a boo boo.I've planted a bare root rose today {Blue for You] from Van meuwen and i was all pleased with myself because i got it nice and deep,put some leaf mould in the hole {i had'nt got any micro-whatsit ] but when i'd finished i realised i'd forgot to put any fertilizer in the bottom of the hole which is ridiculous as i've planted lots of roses before,so will it make any difference and could i put some liquid fertilizer in when i next water as i don't fancy digging it up again. 


  • SalinoSalino Posts: 1,609

    ..don't bother Graham....just leave it until next March, then feed and mulch as normal.... there is no need for anything else at this time of year... the fussy will put bone meal or rootgrow, but the rose will find its own way...regardless...

  • Thanks Salino and Mike Allen,I'll sleep better tonight knowing i have'nt got to dig it up.Trouble with me,I panic too easily.

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