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Need an all rounder organic solution to pests


I have several herbs, rocket, basil, mint and they all seem to be affected by rust (but I am a novice so could be wrong). I want to keep them alive in a organic way as I use them for cooking. My additional complication is that I live in China and distrust local products that may just be "labelled" organic, so ideally a 'famous organic all round pest solution' might be available here or I might be able to source from friends / family at home.

Any suggestions would be welcomed.






  • John, Herbs are something I would never put anything on organic or not, it is much better to repeat sow seed in pots for annuals and have some ongoing bushy types coming on. I wash mine down now and then with a hose or toss the washing up water over them from a bowl, cut out any diseased stems or leaves and only use the fresh new growth for cooking.
    I am renewing my whole herb bed as they do out grow themselves, not having any idea of your weather they do need a South facing aspect and fairly dry conditions for the best growth.


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