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I have just created a wildlife pond in my garden  -1.5m x 1m (preformed pond) with the intention of attracting more wildlife into my garden.  I am looking for some advice on plants to put in my pond to keep the water clean that are not too invasive and attract wildlife, and also suggestions on plants to plant on the edge of my pond to cover the liner


  • DaintinessDaintiness EssexPosts: 977

    Congratulations on your pond.

    You say you have a prefomed pond so the first thing you will need to do (if you haven't already) is create an entrance/exit point for wildlife. Most preformed ponds have steep sides and you will have to creat a slope by filling one side (probably from the shallow shelf to the edge)  with stones, bricks... anything that can give a place for toads, newts to crawl in/out. If you know anyone with an established pond a jam jar full of the mud from the bottom of it would help get yours off to a flying start.

    There are 3 types of plant that you can use in ponds. Firstly oxygenators - totally submerged in the pond and they help to oxygenate the water. eg pond weed Potamogeton  

    Marginals - they sit in shallow water on the shelf of your pond. eg Marsh marigolds - Caltha palustris. Be careful as these plants come in all sorts of sizes and you need a small one; a small iris -; Bowles Golden Grass.

     Floaters - leaves float on the surface of the water and roots remain below. eg Water lily - you will need a pygmy one as normal ones will get very big.

    Unfortunately, it is not a great time of year to buy pond plants as most of them start to die back in autumn and the garden centres will probably not have a good range.

    As your pond is small you will need to go for small plants and choose carefully or you will be forever pulling out/dividing plants. 

    Around the edge of your pond the soil will not be wet but if you recognise where your pond over flows when full you could make a bog garden and be able to plant bog plants..

    You will want ground cover that will not drop too many leaves into the water and yet give good cover to wildlife and pond edge - Euonymus fortunei 'Golden Tip'; Geranium macrorrhizum; Ajuga

    I hope this helps - I also hope I haven't offended you as you may know a lot of what I have written.

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  • BuzybeeBuzybee Posts: 2

    Where do you start?  I have been given a preformed pond from a friend but I  am at a lost do I need to have a pump?  Once you dig the hole what comes next?  I love gardening but never tried a pond.  I want a wildlife pond  

  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 35,347

    Pick the right spot first Buzybee. Not too many trees around if possible. You want a location where you'll be able to plant round it to give birds and animals some cover, especially any little froglets which you'll hopefully have. If you can site it where you can also see it in all seasons that's  a big plus. You don't need a pump, just some oxygenators. Once you've dug the hole for it, put it in and backfilled (make sure it's level!) cover the edges with rocks or turf (if it borders your grass) so you don't see the plastic edges. Then you're  ready to go with filling it up and getting some plants in and around it. Lots of people here to offer suggestions for suitable plants so don't be frightened to ask. 

    If you can post a few pix of your plot that will help with suggestions too. image

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  • BuzybeeBuzybee Posts: 2

    Thanks I wont be able to see the pond from the kitchen window,  I wanted it on the side of the house which is away from trees.  I just wanted to use this space and plant wildlife flowers along side with grasses and use different stones/gravel.  I have also been given a small round pond which I could use but not sure what to do with it.  I will try and take some photo's.  Thanks for your reply

  • JodeJayJodeJay Posts: 73


    to kick start my small preformed pond I chucked a few sprigs of watercress in. I also took a jam jar of natural pond water which I think contained the water fleas because I noticed the water cleared very quickly after the water went in. 

    I planted yellow flag and ragged robin round mine. You can get some lovely dwarf water Lillies too. At the moment I have water crowfoot in and the aquatic beasties are loving it.  

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