Splitting Dahlias

Rich BRich B Posts: 97



 Any advise on splitting these 2 clumps up.

I want as many growable tubers to store and replant but these are just to tangled to get apart....They have been out 1 week




  • Dave MorganDave Morgan Posts: 3,122

    Instead of splitting them, why not store for winter and in early spring repot and take cuttings. The new cuttings will form new tubers as they grow. I find splitting the tubers a bit fraught. You can cut the crown through with a sharp knife, but I'd suggest cuttings are the better way to go.

  • If you split a tuber each part needs a growing point to grow next year. As you can't see these at this time it's best to wait until buds break in spring. Otherwise go down the cuttings route, again next spring. Concentrate on effective storage for now. Winter losses are your main threat.

  • BluebaronBluebaron Posts: 205
    I had the same problem. My clumps are huge I intend to dry out and pack til march when I will pot up for a few weeks then spilt after I can see the sprouts..
  • Wrong time of year. Store 'till spring and then start for shooting or split up as you want.

  • Verde, I bought a bag of 5 Bishop of Llandaff and only one or two actually grew. I discovered then that the tuber needs and "eye" or growing bud, which at this time of year will be dormant and probably invisible.I had several which looked like healthy tubers but never got started.

  • I agree if you have a stem a bud is likely to be lurking in there somewhere...image

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