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if this went out before im sorry as im not so good on the pc so ill try again,,up the allottment we are useing large 40/50 gallon water buts some of us have joined them together with B/Q but connectors about £7 we get the water buts from local dairy farmers who generaly are glad to give them away as the are non retunable,they are used to disifect the milking apperatus so are nice and clean to use,some farmers charge a couple of quid but thats a lot cheaper than B/Q you might haveseen them at fairs being used for rubbish bins they are big and blue, we also cut them inhalf and put rope handles each side which make exellent rubish bins in the garden or we groe spuds ,tommies or anything you want and they work, so i hope this is usefull  good luck everyoneand at last here in Wales we have some sunshine


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    4711, it only came up the once so your PC usage must be OK.
    Anything for nothing is good for gardeners and making use of things that would end up on a tip must be good for the environment.
    Working at ICI there were plenty of items including barrels to be had with a scrap chit and a charge of fifty pence and a coat of masonry paint hid the blue colour.


  • That's great news, at least it won't go to land fill. I'd be interested to know which dairy you got them from, as I am in need of a water butt and am also from Wales. Many thanks, D Richards
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    hi all, im in the Tenby area so we have a good few dairies, im told almost all dairies use them so try your nearest, at the moment and were phoneing round again for more i will let you know Rich asap, we have just heard of a farmer  around Millford haven with loads he wants to get rid of i,ll let you know  good luck

  • Any in Surrey please 4711, did not have much luck on the internet search. I think the prices charged by retailers are daylight robbery. Thanks.

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    sorry jat dont know Surrey areas good luck

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    Drive out into the country-side and ask a farmer!  If you are offered a container, remove the stopper and sniff the contents. It should have been emptied and washed out.  Try not to accept a container that has previously been filled with oil or spray chemicals.

    We used fruit concentrate containers for emergency milk containers in the past.  They are now my water butts.

    They are available on the net.  Just needs a bit of research. Some people use old metal honey barrels with holes cut into them as incinerators. The incinerators in DIY stores are uselessly flimsy.

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