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Talkback: September in the garden

Kate the weather always picks up after the new school year begins, I have been pruning this week as every thing has just exploded my Japanese Anemones have grown with flowers above the fence 6'6" or 1950mm,every bush has more than doubled in size they must have liked the wet weather,The poor cherry tree is looking a bit sad with large space's on all the branches may be it needs a feed.


  • Hiya Chippy, my Japanese anemones are not spreading as much as other people's seem to, I am putting it down to clay soil. They are tall though. Purple loose strife even taller. Have a lovely pink ground cover rose flowering with scent wafting across the garden. I have had it for years and it never lets me down in late summer. Keep dead heading it to keep the flowers coming.
  • My Cosmos are over six feet tall ,and are just beginning to flower, Roses are dying back after a short flowering period.  I bought quite a few new perennials to fill the space where my greenhouse used to be.. The soil was abit clumpy so was advised to apply soil improver, local supplier satd it would act like viagra,  he was right image


  • As usual in gardening 'it's an I'll wind that blows no good'. Just like Kate I have found some plants have not made a show (acidanthera and Libertia etc) either through poor light level, low temps but some have defied the snails and the elements and some are the sun-lovers that like dry feet.

    The lavender is still covered in buff tailed bees and great white butterflies so remains untrimmed. The grape vine has made an Hussain Bolt for the next county (grapes are still green bullets sadly) and surprisingly the passiflora is heavy with fruit and flowers. I can see four Red Admirals warming up and doing cockpit checks for take-off on the buddleia which has been flowering since April. Some you win some you lose.

    Off to enjoy and celebrate this summer's garden winners.
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