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Lyme Disease (Tick) infections & Electropollution

I have had Lyme Disease since 2005 along with my two cats. I found both vets and doctors try it on in that my cats demonstrated the same symptoms as myself. We all had positive results. They try to make out I am psychosomatic I mention both my cats have had neurogical problems too. The NHS don't want to treat the condition 2/3 of people show positive on the NHS test. Yet that test is not recongised anywhere else in the world. I showed positive on 4 tests from America and Germany. I would dearly love to do a write up in the Magazine or a TV program. There have been a few programmes on TV and news papers. Like the AIDS epidemic we should have adverts. 3000 people ofically catch it in the UK. The U.S. is running at epidemic levels. Ebola has nothing on this. None show the true level of infection. I go to a private hospital where one of the other patients said there were 90 Positive cases. We are not allowed to talk amoungst our selves... I don't know how many show symptoms case not all will test positive. Even though they have the infection. Lyme Disease has a number of symptoms and people probably due to their Genetic make up react differently. I was always told to strear clear of sheep. But our pets help bring it into our homes. No amount of vacuuming or putting spot -on seems to stop it happening. We are told to check ourselves. Since 2005 I was exposed to radiation from a G3 mast near my home. It was a concervation area which my local council Northamptonshire Council Were supposed to look after. Then just before the mast was put in place. The council decided it was no longer their problem. They closed the department. I contacted English Nature and one or two others. No one knew anything. Within 6 to 8 months the birds went away but came back eventually. But all the butterfly's bees and other odd insects vanished. I electrical sensitive it was making me feel bad. The council would do nothing. I was told that hutchensons G3 should of done a servay to find electrosenstive People. But didn't the mast was hidden in the trees so it didn't need plaining permission. No amount of moning to the council would do anything. The nature groups were not intrested. I found a article on the Net in 2002 US military scientists put Tick in a microwave to kill off Tick preditors. They were then dipped in Lyme Disease. The American out back was sprayed to keep people out. I am not saying the MOD are spraying but the presence of so many transmitters is causing the same thing to happen. Tick like cochroches and wood lice are microwave prof. Global warming is not the answer. The preditors would have as much chance to increase as the Tick. Doctors and Vets are going into denial. The media like wise. One of my hospital consultants told me to go to the press because he couldn't whistleblow. There is no one doing proper servays of the countryside hence gardens. We are all at a very high risk of catching this infection or series of infections. It can cause heart problems neurological MS ME and even a predecessor to Cancer. The government/Nhs is not willing to take it seriously insisting it a rare condition. Most people don't know what it is. They assum the Tick is stationary. They are spiders like spiders they move very fast and you can't always see the nymphs. There is no chatity to fund the treatment of Lyme Disease. I have written everywhere solictors refuse to take it on board. Everyone is blaming everyone else. They then don't treat the condition with IV antibotics soon Enough... The medical profession then use psychiatrists rather than treat the condition. The psychiatrists then say it's not their fault even though they ignore Several positive tests. The NHs say they can't afford to treat an infection. Is this true? That's if they recognised it... Don't forget this infection is related to syphisis. If anyone has a suggestion on how to get


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    I haven't read all you post as it is so badly structured.  try breaking your thoughts into paragraphs for easier reading.

    However, Lyme's disease is recognised here in Belgium and people are warned about having their pets regularly treated for ticks and fleas which carry it and other diseases.   A friend of mine got it from a tick bite some years ago whilst walking her dog in a problem area but was treated.

    Perhaps you should consider starting a support group for fellow sufferers.  Then you would have numbers to back you up and make people start to take notice.   The NHS isn't joined up in its thinking so won't look beyond individal cases and I doubt if it's top of the list when training GPs.

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  • pansyfacepansyface PEAK DISTRICT DerbyshirePosts: 21,253 is a British support group.
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    Have you tried Lyme Disease Action for support and help?

    I work on both heathland and in ponds (yep I mean in, not near ponds!) a great deal so have a good awareness of both Lyme's disease and Weil's disease. I have a colleague who developed chronic Lyme's disease after being bitten by a heathland tick, it can be incredibly debilitating and I'm not at all surprised you are very worried about the implications.

    I had a dose of leptospirosis the bacteria that causes Weil's disease myself after cutting myself in water on a piece of flint that went straight through a protective glove. You can pick up Weil's disease from any water rats have peed in entering the blood stream.

    Both diseases best avoided, gardeners ought to be aware they exist and how to protect themselves against them, if not overly worried. The important thing with both is swift treatment with antibiotics, rather than just passing off the symptoms as 'flu'.


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    You beat me to it pansyface image

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    Very useful thanks - had a few ticks here, and conscious that having deer about makes them more of a risk. So useful to know what to be aware of.

  • We need some ex-perts the ones who work in the labs in Europe

    or the US. Doing a TV programe. Perhaps the medicics can get their

    Head out the bucket. Only making out the condition it a minor problem.

    The Mod is now in control of testing in the UK

    They still have this notion that only some Tick are infected thereby

    You can send them in...
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