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whats gong on?

Lucy3Lucy3 Posts: 92


I noticed yesterday that my Summer flowering clematis and my roses are growing again???

I cut the clematis right back and they have sprouted up ?? wasn't expecting this till spring. also my roses that I cut back have steadily been growing again and there is now two flower buds opening??

Is this strange??  wasn't expecting this to happen


  • LynLyn Posts: 23,190

    Not strange, later summer flowering clematis should be cut in Feb, and Feb/March for roses, unless its a Rambler, I cut that back straight after flowering.

    If its an early flowering clematis you may have cut off the growth that will have next years flowers.

    Gardening on the wild, windy west side of Dartmoor. 

  • It's not unusual to cut back tall growing roses by half to prevent wind rock over winter.  If the weather is warm enough there can be some growth which wil probably be killed off by the cold of winter.  New growth should appear again next spring.  Once that happens you cut back to the new growth buds. 

    Clematis - well that's a minefield.  Lyn is right you need to know what kind of clematis first of all.  For the late flowered summer and autumn ones though, if you wait until the spring you can find growth all over last years whips and it feels somehow bad to be cutting off all those growing shoots, but of course if you don't cut back then you end up with a top heavy plant - bare at the bottom and all the flowers above you and out of sight!  I have cut mine down to about three feet now, and will review and correct next spring. 

  • My daffs and grape hyacinths have started to show through the soil. Daffs by an inch and grape hyacinths by 2/3 inches. Surely this is far too early, will they be killed off

    when we get the bad weather??. 

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