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Talkback: Collecting animal skulls

Hi Kate

I have never been a bone collector but your blog takes me back to my child hood. As a nipper my brothers and I used to build many a camp beneath the bushes in the fields around our home. We would clear tunnels and brush away the fallen thorns until we found a clearing. We also found quite a few skulls. Birds, mice etc. and we would hang these up around the camp. Happy days.



  • i have skulls of various animals screwed to my garden fence,not only a talking point at family bbqs but are great for insects to over winter in
  • My dad found a dead deer in the forest once, so he covered it up and would check on it at times and once it had got done to the skull, he took it home and cleaned it up and it was put in the garden on display and was a talking point.

    We use to collect skulls and fossils from the beach when we were kids.

  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,581

    Not far off the beach.....




    Sperm whale skull


     visibility poor. As we approached it, it was quite amazing.Difficult to get all in one photo, even on wide angle. Diver for scale is about 6ft.

  • Thanks for your lovely comments…

    @fidgetbones Amazing sperm whale skull!!!!!! Where was this? Thanks for posting…
  • Janet  2Janet 2 Posts: 114
    Don't know about finding skulls but I've got two cats and two dogs buried in my garden and i think there's other pets from when my dad lived here. I know exactly where my own animals are but not sure about the others. But,touch wood,I've never disturbed any of them
  • Me too Janetimage

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