Aftercare of geums

Would appreciate any advice you could give me on the aftercare of geums. Had very few flowers this year and would like to improve the performance for next year. Thanks


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    I would also like some advice as mine never flowered.

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    As they are a member of the rose family and my roses haven't performed fantastically I would suggest the weather.

    Also there is the grizzled skipper (butterfly) that could havehad something to do with it

  • i also had not one flower on mine.. so must be weather.

  • Thanks, point taken re weather, but didn't have much of a show last year either.
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    Which Geums are we talking about? My Mrs J Bradshaw and Totally Tangerine (I don't know the grown up name I'm afraid image) flowered for ages this year, Mrs Bradshaw is still going now although I'm hoping she'll set seeds.

    I have two un-named much smaller Geums with little orange flowers on that haven't done at all well this year though.

  • Orange flowers, but not sure of variety. I have just spotted a GW blog which said to split them in spring. That will give me the opportunity to see if it is the location.
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    It could be Pennine, I've just had a look around the internet but there doesn't seem to be much information about them online.

    You could ask here by using this query form

    I'm a big fan of geums too and think they are a much over looked little plant.

    My sister in law keeps pulling them up as weeds, when she has done nothing about the dreaded himalyan balsam creeping in to the bottom of her garden. image

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    There is one which is a dreadful weed, Geum urbanum. I would say that all ours have flowered their little cotton socks off. G. Blazing Sunset has been magnificent all Summer. Keep cutting it down and it throws up more flowering stems.

    The Geum rivularis types do better in a more shady position or in damper soil if in sun.

    Not got Totally Tangerine......yet. Refuse to pay £9.99 for it or even lass willing to pay £12.99 for it which is what I saw it priced at in a Wyevale.

    Had a little count up only got 28 of them.

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    I have grown mine from seed, sown in 2011, so I do not know the variety. I will try  moving them into the shade.


  • Thanks all, I think I will move mine too. It's a good sized plant, so I can try a few different locations.
  • i have them growing all over my garden, some bought, some from seed. They have all flowered this year. but all i have done is deadhead, they are still going strong now. Mine are all in a position where they get quite a bit of sun. They like well drained soil, but mine have all been waterlogged this year. i treat them the same way i treat my strawberry plants. I mulch them with manure or garden compost and dead head regularly.

  • i bought mine from little garden center i use if i want something.. and i got them in 9cm pots for £1 each.. and orange one and red one.. neither have flowered.. but my mums i bougt her at same time.. have flowered.. they are in the sun all day.. mine are shady as recommended on label..

  • I sowed  them from seed in Jan /Feb and transplanted them into a large /huge pot  in may I have been waiting for mine to flower but if you say they have been flowering all summer I think mine are abit late they have wonderfull leaf on them so I think I will put them in a sheltered place and hope for better luck next year

  • I have Mrs Bradshaw which i planted two of last year they hardly flowered last year-probably putting roots down-this year they have been non-stop i cut them hard in winter/spring to tidy up the dead tops but otherwise just a sprinkling of pelleted chicken manure

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    I sowed a load of Geums (seed from various forms just to see what I got). They grown well, but only the ones taken from G. Blazing Sunset have flowered the first year. I have to say I would not expect them to flower in their first year of growing though.

    The x chiloense types do like a rich soil in full sun though.

  • My Geums (Mrs Bradshaw) have flowered wonderfully for months,and are still going.  I do deadhead them very regularly and sometimes the new buds are very small indeed, but after a few days produce lovely flowers.  I also pull out those stes that are beginning to go brown. I don't water them unless we have had a prolonged spell of hot, rainfree weather (not much of that this year!).  I had three new plug plants this year, and they have done quite well, and I expect them to do even better over the next couple of years.

  • @budlea63.. my mums swears by chicken pellets.. wheni asked her why her phlox look so much better than mine.. she said "chicken Pellets" they are really good. and i thin i must no invest in some.

  • Ihave had my geums for years, Mrs Bradshaw i think, dark red. Ialways thought they flowered quite well in mid spring, not all summer,they flowered a little bit this year, and they haven't reproduced at all. Think i most feed them more. Chichen pellets seem a good bet.Thank you budlea63. Can i get them from any garden centre

  • Thanks for all the good advice everyone. I am going to look after my geums much better this year and see if that does the trick. I think I might also get some new ones and see how I do.
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    I have found the seed packet and mine say Geum rivale.

    I bought a bucket of chicken pellets in the spring and I have been pleased with the results .

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