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I am about to remove an old Downy Birch Tree which is diseased and honey fungus is present at its base and along the root line into the lawn - two questions please:

1. How do I deal with the fungus in the lawn?

2. How long before I can plant a new tree in in the same position?

Your advice would be appreciated.


Many thanks



  • FleurisaFleurisa Posts: 779

    You need to remove a lot of the infected soil to be able to grow another woody plant in the same place, the RHS has a list of less affected plants which may be ok to grow, otherwise herbaceous perennials are ok

  • Sorry I'm late in responding, but thank you Fleurisa and Edd for your interest.  I just have to wait for final approval to fell the tree ( I live in a conservation area) and in the meantime...... do I dig out the fungus and the surrounding turf  or perhaps wait for some colder weather to kill it off?  The wet, mild conditions here are on the side of the fungus!!

    I'm keeping a close eye on surrounding shrubs and trees - there are two more betula close by - much younger and very attractive multi-stemmed varieties and hopefully not quite so susceptible; am I correct in thinking that only older/weaker trees are prone to the problem??

    Thanks again for your help.






  • Thank you Edd, for all the information.  The tree surgeon is going to fell the tree and remove the stump when we get the go ahead.  I shall have to get help to dig up the lawn and line the area as you suggest, but at least now I know what to do,

    I think I should leave well alone until the tree is removed then proceed as you suggest - a real shame to lose the tree.

    Thanks again.

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